Recommendation for future evolution of libRadtran - Task 6

The long term objective behind ESAS-Light is to provide the remote sensing community with a radiative transfer toolbox enabling forward simulations in planetary atmospheres. libRadtran is intended to be a community tool, therefore an open source approach is best suited. This approach implies that the source code is downlowdable from an internet web site with the related documentation and an environment/forum for developers willing to contribute by providing new modules to be integrated in the toolbox. Since the libRadtran package is an open source project (GNU public licence) which already has its website, it fulfills this requirement. The distribution in the remote sensing community works very well. This is proven by more than 100 publications in peer reviewed journals, where the model has been used (see complete list at A libRadtran Wiki has been added to the web-site to provide an interactive platform for all libRadtran users.

Possible future extensions of libRadtran

This list includes recommendations that have been identified during the ESASLight project. It is not yet complete and all issues are for discussion.

  • Lidar simulator
  • Radar simulator
  • aspherical particles (include tool for the computation of optical properties, or provide interface to open source tool, or generate database)
  • polarized BRDFs
  • optimized Raman implementation
  • Include Raman scattering in MYSTIC
  • extensive test suite (this project has already been started)
  • Extend GUI to include more plotting capabilities
  • Extend GUI to include other libRadtran tools
  • oriented particles
  • extraterrestrial radiative transfer including model atmospheres and absorption and scattering properties for Mars, Venus and Titan. Ephemeris calculations for these objects should also be included.
  • Extend MYSTIC in to snow, ice and water bodies to allow for coupled atmosphere-ocean simulations.
  • Include absorption and scattering properties of typical water types

Dissemination of libRadtran

As well as the list above, this is only a draft for discussion which will be updated and/or modified.

  • libRadtran workshops/summer school
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