Documentation of ESAS-Light toolbox - Task 5

libRadtran users guide

All new options and new tools have been included in the libradtran user's guide. The document contains descriptions of all input options for the various modules of the libradtran demonstration version.

The user's guide has been completely revised within the ESASLight study. New sections are an introduction to radiative transfer theory. a section on basic usage of the model as well as some new examples.

Status: always ongoing

Technical Note: Radiative transfer solvers within libRadtran

The uvspec tool includes numerous solvers for the radiative transport equation. To select the appropriate solver for a specific problem may require hard to aquire knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the various solvers. The aim of this document is to help the user pick the best solver for the given problem by

  • presenting the radiative transfer equation in its most general form
  • describing the various approximations invoked to solve the equation
  • describing each solver and the approximations they are based on.

A first draft of this document has been written and included in the libRadtran documentation uvspec_solvers.pdf.

Status: closed

Algorithm theoretical basis document (final)

The final ATBDs include descriptions of new algorithms included during the ESASLight study (Raman scattering and polarization).

Status: closed

libRadtran website

From the toolbox can be downloaded. The website also includes installation instructions and a basic documentation. Furthermore there are instructions how to setup an input file. The FAQ are also on the web-page as well as a user forum, where users may exchange their experiences with libRadtran.

Status: always ongoing

Include new examples

The libRadtran package contains a variety of examples for various applications. These may be used as a starting point for all kinds of simulations. Examples of use for the newly implemented options and modules have been added.

Status: always ongoing

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