Definition of libRadtran toolbox demonstration version - Task 2

The objective of this task is to define libRadtran toolbox demonstration version on the basis of the requirements consolidated in Task 1c.

Derive technical specification of toolbox - Task 2a, WP2100

On the basis of Task 1 the technical specifications of the toolbox have been derived.

Preliminary Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents - Task 2b, WP2200

The radiative transfer methodologies to be coded in the demonstration version of ESAS-Light have been documented in a preliminary Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD). This includes the theoretical basis for algorithms that are planned to be developed in the scope of the study. Algorithms that are already part of the libRadtran package are not included.

Development plan - Task 2c, WP2300

A development plan for the demonstration version of the ESAS-Light toolbox has been derived. It describes in detail, how the new algorithms will be implemented.

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