Consolidation of ESAS-Light requirements - Task 1

The objective of this task is to revise the preliminary set of requirements of the SoW based on detailed literature surveys and to compile two sets of requirements:

  1. A nominal set of requirements for the ESAS-Light toolbox demonstration version
  2. An extended set of requirements to meet the long time objective to develop and distribute the user friendly, well documented and free of charge radiative transfer toolbox ESAS-Light

Survey of radiative transfer tools - Task 1a, WP1100

The objective of this task is to survey existing tools/methodologies for solving radiative transfer proplems. A list of existing RT tools has been compiled providing their main characteristics:

  • method to solve the radiative transfer equation
  • potentially computably radiative transfer parameters
  • spectroscopic database for absorption cross sections
  • spectral range and resolution
  • methods for spectral calculations (line-by-line, correlated-k, spectrally resolved, pseudo-spectral)
  • assumptions about atmospheric geometry (1D/3D, spherical/plane-parallel …)
  • surface properties (albedo, BRDF)
  • extraterrestrial solar irradiance
  • degree of accessability
  • expected evolution

The pros and cons of the different RT tools are discussed with respect to these characteristics.

Tables of radiative transfer models and input databases have been compiled. They include links to the webpages, where the models are described and/or can be downloaded. More detailed information can be found in WP1100 report.

Compilation of current and future needs for remote sensing inverse algorithms and associated forward model capabilities - Task 1b, WP1200

The objective of this task is to understand what are the current and future needs for the users of the ESAS-Light toolbox, ESA in the first step and the remote sensing community in the second step. To define the requirements a list of current and future ESA missions (Earth, Mars, Venus) observation) has been compiled and discussed with focus on the required forward modelling capabilities. From this list the requirements for ESAS-Light toolbox will be derived.

A table of current and future ESA missions and their requirements in terms of forward modelling capabilities has been produced. More details can be found in WP1200 report.

Consolidation of a nominal set of requirements for libradtran demonstration version - Task 1c, WP1300

On the basis of the previous tasks, the preliminary requirements of the SoW (Annex 1) have been consolidated. The demonstration version shall provide the main radiative transfer forward modelling capabilities needed to fulfill the long term objective of the ESAS-Light project. In the demonstration version the domain of application will be restricted to terrestrial environments. A list of requirements for the demonstration version is given in WP1300 report.

Consolidation of requirements for future evolution of libradtran toolbox - Task 1d, WP1400

An extended set of requirements has been identifield with particular emphasis on

  • The extension of the modelling capabilities of the ESAS-Light toolbox
  • The extension of the radiative transfer modelling capabilities of the toolbox to the planetary environments Mars and Venus

A list of future requirements for the libradtran radiative transfer toolbox is given in WP 1400 report.

To make libRadtran more user friendly, a GUI shall be developed.

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