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-+====== ESAS-Light ====== 
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 +====Towards a Generic Radiative Transfer Model for the Earth's Surface Atmosphere System=== 
 +The aim of the study is to develop a flexible radiative transfer 
 +toolbox for the Earth atmosphere-surface system in the 
 +solar and thermal spectral ranges. In particular, the model 
 +will include horizontal inhomogeneity, polarization, 
 +inelastic scattering, spherical geometry. 
 +Radiative transfer models are very important for a better 
 +understanding of the Earth-atmosphere system. Solar 
 +radiation drives atmospheric circulation and hence weather and 
 +climate. Tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry are controlled by 
 +photochemical reactions and hence by shortwave radiation. Accurate 
 +knowledge about solar and terrestrial radiation and their interaction 
 +with clouds, aerosol particles, and trace gases is therefore required 
 +for all fields of atmospheric science. 
 +Remote sensing of atmospheric and surface components uses radiation, 
 +either from the sun, the atmosphere or an artificial source which 
 +is modified along its path through the atmosphere. Radiative transfer 
 +modelling plays a key role for remote sensing because it is needed to 
 +design remote sensing instruments and to develop and test inversion 
 +algorithms. In the scientfic community a number of often highly 
 +specialized atmospheric radiative transfer (RT) models has been 
 +developed each of which emanates from a different set of original 
 +requirements. During the development of RT models a trade off has to 
 +be made between the computational speed and the accuracy of the model 
 +leading to a long list of model simplifications. Currently there is no 
 +user friendly well documented model which includes all features 
 +required for current remote sensing applications. 
 +The radiative transfer toolbox to be developed in this study, 
 +hereafter referred to as libRadtran toolbox, should include the most 
 +commonly used forward modeling RT tools from the ultraviolet (UV) to 
 +the thermal infrared (TIR) spectral domain for the Earth 
 +atmosphere-surface system. At completion, a libRadtran toolbox demonstration 
 +version shall be delivered. This toolbox shall 
 +-strengthen ESA 
 +modeling capability for internal purposes (instrument and prototyping 
 +of inversion algorithms) and 
 +-provide a set of standard radiative 
 +transfer tools for the development of ESA commissioned inversion schemes 
 +and calibration/validation activities. 
 +The long term objective of the study is to give 
 +actors in the field of remote sensing of planetary environments 
 +full access to a user friendly, open source, well documented and 
 +free of charge radiative transfer toolbox. 
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