Demo Version of the Software

to be delivered to ESA by September 30, 2009.

The Demo version will be a complete new libRadtran release including

  • MYSTIC - the //Monte Carlo code for the physically correct tracing of photons in cloudy atmospheres, inluding:
    • polarization
    • refraction in spherical geometry
  • Raman scattering; has been tested for Rayleigh atmospheres but has still problems for clouds and aerosols;
  • The modified disort2 solver which now uses the phase function instead of the Legendre coefficients and allows faster and more accurate calculations for complicated phase functions with less memory consumption;
  • Water and ice cloud property files in new format; including polarization and with better wavelength resolution;
  • Flexible aerosol handling (OPAC)
  • OPAC aerosol property files in new format; including polarization;
  • A working version of the GUI.
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