Team Event September 20, 2008

After the ESASLight meeting September 18, 2008, part of the team (Arve and Jonas Kylling, Bernhard Mayer) decided to climb Alpspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The forecast was basically “no clouds anywhere in Germany” - a perfect day for a hike.

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s1040120.jpg Osterfelder, 2050m above sea level, top of the cable car, 10:00. Now, this is what the Weather Forecast called a perfectly cloudless sky! This is one motivation for our work at DLR, by the way: to use Earth observation for the improvement of numerical weather forecast.
s1040122.jpg Part of the study team in happy expectation of the coming …
s1040125.jpg The entrance to “Via Ferrata” was a bit hard to find, but we succeeded eventually.
s1040131.jpg Yes, it was not only cloudy but also cold.
s1040141.jpg Some impressions from within the cloud.
s1040143.jpg Luckily you can't miss the path, once you are there.
s1040165.jpg And finally, at about 2300m the first glimpse of the summit. We had some concerns before if it was still there or if it was swallowed by a black hole formed at the LHC in Geneva.
s1040182.jpg Above 2400m perfectly sunny. The forecast was correct, after all!
s1040183.jpg The view of Zugspitze and the Jubiläumsgrat connecting Alpspitze and Zugspitze.
s1040204.jpg Approaching the summit, 2628m above sea level.
s1040207.jpg And the view to the North.
s1040218.jpg Very typical bird on top of Alpspitze - the Dohle lives from the tourists.
s1040237.jpg Descent via the Ostgrat.
s1040238.jpg And a view back to the summit.
s1040264.jpg Finally back in the clouds, on the Nordwandsteig leading to Osterfelderkopf.
s0000000.jpg The GPS log of this tour. The kmz for Google Earth is available here.
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