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Minutes of phone conference, 16 Jan 2009, 14:00 - 14:55


  • Marc Bouvet (MB), ESA
  • Claudia Emde (CE), DLR
  • Bernhard Mayer (BM), DLR
  • Ulrich Hamann (UH), DLR
  • Arve Kylling (AK), St. Olavs Hospital


  1. Discussion of WP3
  2. Review of action items
  3. Next meeting (MTR)


Discussion of Task 3
  1. Raman scattering - WP3100, status: ongoing
    Raman scattering is basically implemented; the spectral signature of the Raman-scattered radiation compares well with exisiting results, the absolute magnitude is not yet correct. After implementation of surface albedo the results will be evaluated by comparison with published results.
  2. Polarization in MYSTIC - WP3200, status: ongoing
    Polarization for solar range implemented in MYSTIC. CE presented comparisons with polradtran. Some progress has been made for calculation of optical properties of aspherical particles. If suitable tools are available, they will be added to the software package.
    An optical properties database for liquid water clouds will be generated using the Mie program (Wiscombe), that is already included in libRadtran.
  3. Extension of surface properties - WP3300, status ongoing
    The code of Mishchenko which simulates polarized BRDFs is suitable for implementation in libRadtran.
  4. Representation of aerosols – WP3400, status: closed
    Optical properties of OPAC aerosols were implemented: Tables of optical properties were pre-calculated and a user-friendly interface has been built to directly define mixtures of aerosol types in the uvspec input file. The implementation is already included in the 2008 Christmas release of libRadtran.
  5. Development of graphical tools - WP3510, status onging
    Some preparatory work was done, including restructuring the directory structure of libRadtran; the possibility to install libRadtran system-wide using “make istall”; a data_files_path environment variable; and syntax checking of the input. A demonstration version will be presented at the next meeting.
  6. Include I/O-functions for netcdf data format - WP3520, status closed
    Several input and output options are implemented.
  7. Fix DISORT instability - WP3540, status ongoing
    Some work has been done on the intensity correction of disort2.
  8. Cleaning/restructuring of code - WP3550, status ongoing
    The consistent treatment of ice cloud optical properties was implemented which greatly facilitates the definition of ice clouds for the user; all optical property parameterizations (Fu, Yang, Key, Baum, …) use now the same definition of optical thickness and effective radius (before, Fu used e.g. a different definition as Yang in the orginal paper and we stuck as closely as possible to the original paper)
  9. Miscellaneous
    For line-by-line simulations, a python interphase to ARTS was developed. This needs more testing in the UV/VIS.
    The webpage of libRadtran was redesigned. Now it offers a user area and a basic usage instruction additionally. MB suggests to add a user forum as well.

A demonstration version of libRadtran will be installed by MB with telephone assistance.

Review of action items

Actions from PM2

A1: Update technical specifications document (CE)
Not completed.

A2: Check Mishchenko code to compute polarized BRDF (UH, BM)

A3: Launch new libRadtran webpage, include FAQ and interesting applications (BM)

Midterm review meeting

The midterm review meeting will take place at the 1st of April at ESTEC. This meeting will be used to inform ESA people about the ESASLight project. There will be a 30 min presentation of the whole project, its objectives and the recent developments, and another presentation of 15-30 min about the applications of libRadtran. Thereafter the detailed discussion will follow.

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