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Minutes of phoneconference about Task 3, 16 Jan 2009


  • Marc Bouvet (MB), ESA
  • Claudia Emde (CE), DLR
  • Bernhard Mayer (BM), DLR
  • Ulrich Hamann (UH), DLR
  • Arve Kylling (AK), St. Olavs Hospital


  1. Discussion of WP3


Discussion of Task 3 report
  1. Raman scattering - WP3100, status: ongoing
    The code is partly implemented, albedo is not implemented jet, results will be compared to literature
  2. Polarization in MYSTIC - WP3200, status: ongoing
    Polarisation for solar range implemented in MYSTIC. CE presented comparisons with polradtran. Some progress has made for calculation of optical properties of aspherical particles.
  3. Extension of surface properties - WP3300, status ongoing
    The code of Mishenko, which simulates polarised BRDFs, is suitable for implementation in libRadtran.
  4. Representation of aerosols – WP3400, status: closed
    Optical properties of OPAC aerosols were precalculated. Different kind of aerosols can be mixed during the libRadtran simulation.
  5. Development of graphical tools - WP3510, status onging
    Some preparing work was done, including data_file_path environment variable, syntax checking of the input. A demonstration version will be presented next meeting.
  6. Include I/O-functions for netcdf data format - WP3520, status closed
    Several input and output options are implemented. UH presents some results at the midtime meeting.
  7. Cleaning/restructuring of code - WP3550, status ongoing
    The consistent treatment of ice cloud optical properties was implemented.
  8. Miscellaneous
    For line-by-line simulations, a python interphase was developed. This needs more testing in the UV/VIS.
    The webpage of libRadtran was redesigned. Now it offers a user area and a basic usage instruction additionally. MB suggests to add a user forum as well.

A demonstration version of libRadtran will be installed by MB with telephone assistance.

The ESASLight website has been approved by MB as a useful tool.

Progress Meeting 4

The midtime review meeting will take place at the 1st of April at ESTEC. This meeting will be used to inform people from ESA about ESAs light. There will be a 30 min presentation of the whole project, its objectives and the recent developments, and another presentation of 15-30 min with applications.

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