Minutes of phoneconference about WP1100 and WP1200, 20 May 2008


  • Marc Bouvet (MB), ESA
  • Claudia Emde (CE), DLR
  • Bernhard Mayer (BM), DLR


  1. Discussion of WP1100 report
  2. Discussion of WP1200 report
  3. Progress meeting 1
  4. Contract issues


Discussion of WP1100 report

MB said that survey of RT tool is very good and provides a comprehensive list. However some more info is required on the following topics:

  • Spectroscopic databases: HITRAN and GEISA should be described in more detail (spectral coverage, molecules, activity in development). CE suggested to compare different databases using public domain radiative transfer codes. This exercise would also be useful to find an appropriate model to be used as input for libRadtran.
  • extraterrestrial solar irradiance
  • BRDF and emissivity databases
  • cloud and aerosol optical properties

The ESASLight website has been approved by MB as a useful tool.

Discussion of WP1200 report

MB will provide editorial corrections of the report. CE will include a summary of radiative transfer requirements at the end. MB mentioned the EarthCare simulator. It was discussed whether it would be feasible to implement a lidar simulator in libRadtran. BM proposed to include a single scattering lidar simulator, but it might not be feasible to develop a “general” lidar simulator.

Progress Meeting 1

Progress meeting 1 (PM1) will take place at the 9th of June at DLR as planned. CE will prepare an agenda until the 2nd of June. The updated versions of the reports for WP1100 and WP1200 as well as the reports for WP1300 and WP1400 will be put on the website until the 4th of June.

Contract issues

Since libRadtran is an open source tool it was decided to keep the current version of the contract (without software deliverables). MYSTIC is so far not freely available. BM suggested to discuss this issue at PM1.

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