Input databases for radiative transfer models

Spectroscopic databases

HITRAN High-resolution transmission molecular absorption database
GEISA Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques Atmosphériques
JPL Spectral line catalog of JPL

Cloud optical properties

Baum Ice cloud scattering models for use in remote sensing applications
Key Ice Particle Habit Shortwave Optical Properties

Aerosol optical properties

OPACOptical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds
GADSGlobal Aerosol Data Set
ALSThe Amsterdam Light Scattering Database

Surface properties

MODISspectral albedo, BRDF, data available from EOS Data Gateway
UW-Madison Emissivity Databasespectral emissivity
CERES/SARB Land cover maps, spectral albedo
USGS/EROS Land cover characterisation maps
POSTELLand cover maps, spectral albedo, BRDF, land surface temperature
USGS Digital Spectral Libraryspectral albedo
Aster spectral libraryspectral albedo
ASU Thermal Emission Spectral Libraryspectral albedo (150 pure minerals)
hyperspectral.infospectral albedo
SPECCHIOspectral albedo
WORLD OCEAN ATLAS 2005ocean temperature and salinity
AMBRALS BRDF Modeling Framework

Codes to calculate optical properties of clouds, aerosols and surfaces

Electromagnetic Scattering Links related to electromagnetic scattering by particles and surfaces
RAMIRAdiation transfer Model Intercomparison, models to calculate BRDF
SCATTERLIBCollection of links to light scattering codes by Piotr J. Flatau
MieCalcInteractive tool to calculate Mie scattering by Scott Prahl
MiePlotThe optics of a water drop (Philip Laven)

Extraterrestrial solar spectra

BASS2000 High resolution solar spectrum
ASTM Standard Extraterrestrial Spectrum
Thullier2003 Solar spectrum including recent data

ECMWF archive

abbreviation parameter dimensions
Z Z Geopotential 2D
SKT Skin temperature 2D
U10 metre U wind component 2D
V10 metre V wind component 2D
FAL Forecast albedo 2D
LNSP Logarithm of surface pressure 2D
T Temperature 3D
Q Specific humidity 3D
O3 Ozone mass mixing ratio 3D
CLWC Cloud liquid water content 3D
CIWC Cloud ice water content 3D
CC Cloud cover 3D

National Virtual Ocean Data System (NVODS)

NVODS Many data sets available as ASCII, color plots, or netCDF files: Topography, Salinity, Ocean contents …


GTOPO1010' resolutonglobal
ETOPO5 5' resoluton global
Smith & Sandwell v8.2 2' resoluton 72S to 72N
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