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ESAS-Light - Final Meeting

17 March, ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk



9:00 Welcome and introduction (M. Bouvet)

General presentation of the project

9:10 Presentation of ESASLight project (C. Emde)

9:4 Demonstration of libRadtran radiative transfer toolbox (A. Kylling)

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Review of action items


10:40 New libRadtran release (2.0-beta?) (B. Mayer?)

11:10 GUI improvements (A.Kylling)

11:40 PyCATS (F.Schreier)

12:00 Lunch

Task 5 - Documentation

13:00 libRadtran user guide (C. Emde)

13:30 Final report, executive summary, abstract

Next steps

14:00 General discussion about open issues, next steps …

15:00 Close

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