ESASLight - Progress Meeting 2 / Task 2: Definition of RT toolbox


10:00 Welcome and introduction (Bernhard Mayer)

10:05 Review of action items from PM1 (all)

WP2100 Technical specifications

10:10 Technical specifications of libRadtran toolbox (Claudia Emde)

WP2200/WP2300 ATBDs and development plan

10:30 Polarization (Claudia Emde)

11:00 Raman scattering (Arve Kylling)

11:30 Line-by-line model (Claudia Emde)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 OPAC aerosols (Claudia Emde)

13:30 Surface properties - BRDF (Bernhard Mayer)

14:00 Refraction (Claudia Emde)

14:15 Graphical User Interface (Arve Kylling)

15:00 Coffee break

General topics

15:30 libRadtran webpage (Bernhard Mayer)

16:00 Wrap-up, agreements, next steps, review of action items, date of next meeting and A.O.B. (all)

17:00 Close

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