ESASLight - Progress Meeting 1 / Task 1: Consolidation of libRadtran requirements


10:00 Welcome and introduction (Bernhard Mayer)

10:15 Review of actions from negotiation meeting and telecons (all)

Literature surveys

10:30 WP1100: Survey of radiative transfer tools (Claudia Emde)

11:00 WP1200: Survey of ESA missions w.r.t. forward modeling requirements (Claudia Emde)

Consolidation of requirements

11:30 WP1300: Requirements for libRadtran (this study) (Claudia Emde)

11:45 WP1400: Requirements for future evolution of libRadtran (Claudia Emde)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Discussion on libRadtran requirements (all)

  • Cleaning and restructuring (Bernhard Mayer)
  • User friendliness (Arve Kylling)
  • Graphical user interface (Claudia Emde)
  • Raman scattering (Arve Kylling)
  • line-by-line models (Claudia Emde)
  • Open source issues (Bernhard Mayer)
  • Other topics?

15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Summarize discussion, consolidate requirements (all)

16:45 Review of action items (all)

17:00 Close

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